"An absolute eye opener!!  Every human being should attend this- several times."

"There have been so many experiences in this course that have changed me.  In an even more impactful way, I have what is necessary to continue to inquire about myself and to be more relational in my life with other people.  Priceless!"

"This course should be a foundation for every person for every situation and in all areas.  This will change everyone, no matter how much they’re exposed to it.  I wish I had my whole executive team here."

"The course was too short.  I wish we had another day to work together on what I learned.  I can’t imagine my life without what I have learned in this course.  Thank you OntoCore!"

"This was the best 2 ½ days I’ve spent in years.  Thank you for creating this space."

"This course created so much personal growth for me in many areas of my life."

"Very informative, I will use this to change my life.  This was an excellent course.  I have learned, stretched and grown myself by being in it."

"Very useful for both personal and professional.  This program is a must for groups and teams."

"This course is enlightening and has given me access to an inner-being that I was out of touch with."

"There is no price on knowledge and experience.  More than the knowledge and experience this course has given me, it has given me FREEDOM.  Truly a blessing."

"Incredibly valuable to me.  I’m new to all this and have never had a personal coach.  But WOW!  I’ve learned so much.  I’m leaving with hope, vision, clarity and passion.  Thank you for showing me how I can create powerful."

"This course provided tools for me to grow with, to use in my daily life, business life and family interactions that will enhance the lives of those around me."

"The experience of the course has taught me a great model that has already changed my life and I haven’t even left the hotel.  I can’t wait to get back home and put it in practice."

"I want the other people in my life to have this information/way of being.  I kept catching myself thinking about who I wish was with me throughout the three days." 

"It gave me a new paradigm for a way of being in my life that will bring me better results.  You guys provided me the promises of the course.  What a shift for me!"

"I will walk through the world differently after attending this course.  My language will be different.  This new awakening has opened me up and helped me find intention and purpose."

"This work will change the world.  I want this message and learning to reach everyone.  I can imagine the world as a place where we give each other space to be ourselves without judging and it ignites me.  I would attend again myself and definitely would recommend to others if you guys will do it again."

"Thank you for the opportunity to be in the room.  It was a transforming experience."

"The course had incredible content and learning and was delivered expertly.  I feel like I could come to this once a year for life."

"This course was life changing, real and genuine.  The experience I have had over the last three days will have a major impact on my relationships. Which are most important to me."

"These lessons I have learned in this course are going to change my personal and professional life.  I am a leader of a large organization.  I can’t wait to get back to my leadership team and just be with them.  I also want create a way to get this learning to them and the rest of the company.  OntoCore, you are teaching leadership like nothing I have experienced in my lifetime.  Thank you."

"This course created space for me to identify how to make some key changes in important areas of my life.  Especially when I consider how others are experiencing me as a leader, husband and father."

"The course was solid and taught me to see myself and my relationships in a different way." 

"I loved letting real life experiences work for us in the room.  Watching the instructors deal with everything from personal to business situations in the things that are being taught was my favorite part of the training.  I will never look at relationships the same way.  Thank you for putting on this training.  5 stars!"

"First, I would recommend this course to others if you are willing to do another one that they might have the gift that this work has been to me.  Seriously, I would attend again myself.  The material presented/taught can apply to and upgrade all aspects of life.  That type of impact is hard to put a value on.  Thank you OntoCore for opening up this opportunity and putting on this course." 

"Being in the course opened my mind, altered the way I use language and has changed the way I see myself as a human being.  I would like to have my daughter experience this.  Please do another course and let me know.  I have several family members and some employees that I want to get this experience.  I will even pay for it for them if necessary."

"Great life changing material and experience.  Keep up the good work.   The material taught was technical for me and required a lot for me to follow.  I suspect that it will continue to open up in the coming weeks and months."

"This course validated how work and personal relationship skills are the same.  You can not separate how to be on one or the other.  It’s about being.  I feel empowered.  Thanks for the great experience and for keeping the promises of the course." 

"What I have been able to see and see deeper will impact how I carry myself in life with power that originates in me, and not so much force that originates from fear."

"This course simply needs to get out to all people.  I wish everyone could have this experience and learning."

"This past three days has opened up possibilities for me.  What a course.  It was like nothing I have ever experienced." 

"I experienced the course as the OntoCore team was all in.  The work around relationships was extremely powerful. You guys are rock stars!  The course was so powerful that it could be broken into 3-4 courses through the year." 

"It has been a life changing experience.  I know that this material and experience will help me in my relationships with myself, others and God.  If you do another course, I will bring others in my business and my wife.  Thank you!  I am extremely grateful for this week and the people that you are." 

"I have been able to create power through alignment with my intentions.  This will serve me for the rest of my life." 

"I feel the value of what I learned and the experience of the course, the concepts and principles taught are well worth the time and commitment, etc.  If you do another course, I will participate again." 

"The information and knowledge I gained from this is priceless.  Thank you."

"If you do another course, I have many people in my life that would benefit powerfully from being able to have more power and control in their life."

"This course was powerful.  If you do another Create Powerful Course I will definitely invite everyone close to me.  I would do this to have more people around me creating."

"I see this as highly effective.  My life will be more empowered as a leader and human being." 

"Learning to create power is something that will change my way of being for a life time.  Well worth the time, energy and money."

"The attention to detail was exceptional.  Thank you all for your time and energy."

"I now have access to a new way of being and I want to stay awake to that.  I found value in what I learned and I am leaving a new person, or with access to a new way of being." 

"I loved that this was a course and not a seminar.  My brain is full.  I felt valued and important through the material, interactions, gifts and food.  This was an incredible experience.  I thought the schedule was perfect."

"I get to “be” in a new way with people as a result of being here.  I will serve powerfully in a way I haven’t before.  I would definitely come to this course again.  And let’s get this learning into our education system.  That would change the world."

"As a result of this course, I have expanded greatly with the principles taught and will now use language in my life differently to create power in my life.  I also have a desire to teach this level of power to my clients." 

"I loved the time given to the attendees for questions, sharing or “interactions” to serve even more.  Thank you the work you do.  It is very impactful."

"This was unlike any other course.  You didn’t try to teach us from a book.  You modeled the material, interacted with us and held us ACCOUNTABLE.  I only wish I had a full week or more.  Thank you!"

"This course has made me a better person.  I would be glad to be back.  I had a great time learning.  Thanks."

"I will commit to taking what I have learned in the last three days using it.  My head is still swimming with all the areas this is going to impact in my life, especially my close relationships and my executive team."

"I feel the course opened my mind to seeing a different way to communicate with others in my life in a way that will put power in my relationships." 

"Absolutely worth it!  The course taught me a lot about not only business but how I was “being” with my family as well.  It has been a really awesome experience that teaches every aspect of life.  It leaves me with a feeling of wanting to help and share with others.  Thanks."

"The course was amazing and if you do another one I will enthusiastically recommend it to others and would like to attend again myself."

"This course engages the root causes, which causes the symptoms that most other trainings attempt to deal with.  I hope OntoCore holds future events so I can participate AND invite my colleagues and family members."

"Yes, who I came to see myself to be during this course will change everywhere I relate in my life.  I am worth the time/energy/money and so is every powerful person around me.  The other participants in the course were impressive.  You guys attract some amazing business leaders." 

"I have the sense that what I experienced and what will be created from the time spent at this conference is something much bigger than myself.  And it is crystal clear to me that a shift has happened in order to create something new and powerful in myself as a leader." 

"As a result of this course, my interactions with other business professionals and those in my business will have immeasurable impact thank to the demonstration and learning of creating powerfully.  I will be having powerful conversations to bring other business leaders with me if there was a future event."

"This was a life altering experience and an eye opener for me.  The experience I gained here would serve the whole world in living life the best possible way.  I know so many who would benefit from this course greatly.  If you do it again, it’s a hell yes! for me."

"I have never in my life got to know myself like I do now.  I am strongly committed to being powerful in my life and in my career.  I don’t see it any other way." 

"I feel that this way of being and tools are life changing.  I feel the information and training has given me access to create an amazing relationship driven leadership organization." 

"This is life changing and impactful training that will affect all areas of a person’s life." 

"I am leaving a better person and leader." 

"I witnessed healing and miracles here.  Seeing people as human beings and demonstrations of power equals incredible. I am forever changed.  Thank you for doing this course."

"I appreciate the integrity of the schedule and powerful way you guys delivered this training.  And I wish we could have had more time together.  The content was powerful.  It was excellent seeing the caring nature and inquiry required to relate.  This is information that many people would be served to have."

"This course was a very powerful experience and was I was brought to tears several times with the realness of the other participants and what I saw in myself.  Thank you."

"I see many specific areas of my life where I see possibility where I didn’t see before.  I have an idea of the impact this has the potential of making in my life and it is huge.  I think anyone willing to commit to this course would go away with an opening of possibilities in some of the most important areas of their lives.  This was more than a 5 star experience." 

"Access to who I am is priceless.  The training in this course, to me, was life altering.  I am forever grateful to have had this experience." 

"I learned how to create a powerful relationship.  Building powerful relationships will greatly improve my experience of living.  I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to live their live “awake”, especially someone in any leadership role." 

"Valuable, tangible and measurable results are attainable with the information taught in this course.  Everyone and anyone who is committed to a business or a relationship could benefit immensely."

"The things learned will, without a doubt, change the way I move through the world as a leader, boss, spouse, parent and friend.  I can now see how I can relate to others no matter what “context” they have.  I will attend the next one.  The learning was amazing and I loved being around all the amazing people in this course.  Top notch!"

"The course started slow for me.  I can now see that it was my ontological arrogance wanting to “get to the things”.  And I almost missed the brilliant creation in the first few hours.  Thanks for what you guys have done here.  It is truly life changing."

"I feel awakened and astonished realizing I have been creating tension and “shut down” in my relationships.  I feel that I have an opportunity to affect change and feel like I matter for the first time in my life." 

"This training is a revolutionary paradigm shift.  I can see now that I actually have the power to create and impact the world with this work.  I will stay conscious of my language and my intentions and will “be” powerful."

"This course was really powerful and had a transformational impact on me. There is a lot here I would love to share with others.  And I won’t be teaching it, just demonstrating it." 

"I learned a completely new language.  To have been taught that in less than 3 days was powerful.  Learning a language that changes my life I could justify weeks, if not months to learn that and it would cost a lot more money.  I would love to take this course again.  Please contact me if you are doing another course."

"Thank you for helping me become the best husband to my wife and father to my kid."    

Participant Testimonials Continued...