What Leaders Have to Say About Their Experience Of Create Powerful by ONTOCORE

"The principles and the framework of ONTOCORE create freedom. It creates this amazing level of what I would consider an upgrade...When you commit to this ongoing process you get this amazing elevated level of being. And that’s what I already experienced with my wife Erica, and what we’re going to continue to create together for our children, for our team members in our business, for ourselves. It's just so exciting because it’s a taste of the tip of the iceberg of what's possible and it's already amazing."

- Dr. Isaac H. Jones, Co-Founder of Elevays.com

"As a leader, I am constantly looking for ways to learn and grow. On my own I was growing, but I recognized that I had an opportunity to grow faster. Through my work with ONTOCORE, I was able to create alignment with who I really wanted to be. I have 10x'd my personal and professional growth with ONTOCORE."

- Anita Gratham, Chief People Officer at Pluralsight

"The impact that it had on me was not just significant, it was life altering. I’m a different person now because of the course; our marriage is different because of the course; I'm a different leader because of the course. This is not hype, this is actual real stuff."

- Dave Lee, CEO & Co-Founder of PlusThis

"Most of the coaching I had before, if not all of it, didn't really deal with the core of who was actually doing the work, it would handle the surface. It would say, "This is why you do what you do, and if you just do this differently, you’ll get your result.” The ONTOCORE approach actually handles at the absolute core WHO is doing those thingsit’s going to be with me the rest of my life, and I'm excited about it."

- Reza Koranki, CEO at Arch Technology Solutions.

"If you're considering enrolling in the ONTOCORE course, I would say that I have never felt that I've got more out of an investment of time or money into creating a better version of me and creating a better relationship with those I care about both professionally and personally. I have no regrets about the investment. I have no regrets about the time away and I can see the benefits of the work in all aspects of my life."

Jeff Owens, Anesthesiologist, Dignity Health. 

"I've read so many books, I’ve been to so many seminars and what I'm learning here is a foundation that will allow me to execute the rest of my life. The course in itself is amazing. The people are amazing, the teachings... the whole environment is magnificent."

- Nonito Donaire, Professional Boxer, former world champion 

"There are a lot of conferences and coaches and teachers that make claims and I've not, in my life, found a lot of truth in that. I'm too smart to fall for that. I would challenge those who hold that skepticism around self-improvement, around coaching…be with this ONTOCORE experience and I can tell you, as somebody who has been around it for a while now, it has profoundly changed the way that I think."

- Jon Yarian, Managing Partner at Outline

"I've told multiple people, if you go to the course and you don't bring your spouse/partner, you will regret it. You have to jump into it with a little bit of faith. It’s going to be one of the hardest things mentally you ever done and it will absolutely change your life."

- Craig Breinholt, Principal Owner at Breinholt Insurance Group

"I felt like I had just been put through a ringer. I'm not saying that I'm just this totally different person than I was three days ago. The word that comes to me, is I'm way more AWAKE to what is going on in my personal and professional life, that's been the life changing part of it. If you have the opportunity to be here, be here. Best decision you’ll ever make."

- Greg Cauthen, Partner, TightSeal Insulation

"All of a sudden when I visualized myself leaving this course, instead of wandering through a dark, scary forest, I'm coming out, and I'm the hero in my own story now. I'm not vulnerable to other people coming in and knocking me off what I want for my life or who I think I am. I feel like the power went from out in the world to come home to rest inside of me."

Jason Jarvis, CEO, SLATE Restoration

"I felt like I was riding a bike with a flat tire my whole life. I had everything in place. I had everything there but to ride a bike with all your tires inflated is so much easier and so much better. It was access to performance!"

Arien Hamblin, Stay at Home Mom

"It feels like a place that we can grow in and be for the rest of our lives. I'm able to use these concepts in our business, but I’m also able to use them as a mother, as a wife, as a daughter. That for me is so powerful because I think even bigger than what my business is and what is most important to me that lasts."

Erica Jones, Co-Founder of Elevays.com

The experience of being immersed in the “create powerful” conversation for 3 ½ days exceeded my already elevated expectations.  The course does not just teach “a way of being” for the future, it challenged me to pivot to a much more elevated version of myself in that very moment. In our 17 years of marriage it is the most impactful 3 ½ days we have ever spent together. My wife would agree.  Ultimately, “Create Powerful” helped me further re-envision myself, who I am to others and how I can more intentionally & powerfully impact the world around me.

- Hardt Bing, Vice President, , Alex. Brown

For me, the impact of this work in my life has been profound. To be able to create within myself the ability to effectively be with people in a way that aligns them with what I/we see is possible has given me so much peace and access to power.

- Dan Smith, Associate/Executive & Corporate Coach at ONTOCORE

There has been financial return many times over since I attended the first course; I’ve entered a business partnership that has led to more than 10x growth. But the broader impact, the more important impact in my life, is who I’m becoming as a leader in my business, in my family, and church.

- Dave Olsen, Co-Founder/Managing Partner at Tanalytics, LLC

Someone who looks at the course description and has the reaction that this is going to be a schmaltzy or cult of personality experience I think is missing the depth, there’s a lot more there…This course is not a cure-all for the human condition. It’s not going to suddenly make your marriage work if it isn’t working. Instead, it’s going to give you some tools to help you communicate and work through situations, but it requires work.

-Don Reynolds, Partner at Wyrick, Robbins, Yates, & Ponton

If you are in a place in [your] life where you want to improve or take the next step and grow, this is the place you need to be…it was a game changer. If you do participate in the course, don’t come with judgments or preconceived notions, you have to experience it!

-Jordan Williford, Financial Consultant at Salaison Partners

The course is like they say it is, rigorous. It takes energy for you to look at yourself in the way that your asked to, but the fruits of it are so amazing and the rigor of it has a payoff that is huge in all aspects of your life. If you’re reading this, you probably have an idea of what a performance course would look like and what I would say is put that aside; I can promise you that it’s not.

-Preston Smith, Founder at Ninja Sauce

I would have watched someone giving some testimonial about this course and thought it was fluffy, paid, a bit “out there” and something behind the scenes. I’d be very critical of things more often than not. So, for me to be sitting here, to be able to say that I’ve had a change in only 48 hours, is quite a powerful thing. This course doesn’t give you the answers easily. You have to really dig for them and earn them.

-Saxon Farnworth, Chief Operating Officer at Snowboard Addiction & Ski Addiction

This is actually the third course that I’ve attended. I’ve attended other seminars and this course is not like any of those. If you’re looking at the course and you’re saying you don’t want to be a part of it, I would invite you to open up to the idea that there’s something that you’re not seeing. What I can tell you is that the five promises of the course are real and that when you walk away from the course, you will say to yourself ‘those were the best three days of my life.’ Stop thinking and go!

-Spencer Wilkins, Account Executive at Rain Retail Software

I have a new ability, a new awareness, in how to engage and really create the kind of experience I want to have in all the relationships that are most important to me. If someone was struggling and, on the fence, or really close to coming, I would say that the possibility of what happens here is gigantic; in terms of what you can see in a different way, things you think you already know. This course gives me access to places in me that I didn’t know were there before. That creates a world of possibility…

-Stephen Mason Nurse, Namaste Hospice

If I was talking to someone who was skeptical about investing money [in the course] I would tell them that getting access to their own power is something that’s so financially beneficial that there is no reason to even put a dollar sign to it. I would say that by investing in yourself in this way, you’re investing in upgrading every aspect of your life.

-Will Humphreys, Owner at Rise Rehab

This course is not “woo-woo.” It’s actually work! I’m more excited to go home and apply this stuff, because that’s when the real work happens. A lot of the “woo-woo” events, when the [seminar] is done, you’re like ‘Oh…I gotta go back to normal life.’ I’m not looking to create some fictitious life in some three-day period of time. I’m looking to do some work and move the needle in my life so when I get out of here, I come back with so much more power than I had than when I left!

-Will Merrifield, President at IFC Roofing

I’m moved to have had the opportunity to be a part of this experience. I see so many powerful applications and will carry it forward with me through all walks of my life. I now have an opportunity to truly make my relationships more powerful—valuable!

-Windy Aphayrath, eProcurement and Purchasing Manager at State of Utah