Jamie Damsker

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Jamie is a skillful relater and communicator who has worked with public and private sector leaders across the US and Europe. His work with corporate executives has led to business expansion, successful career transitions, and transformational shifts in how they see themselves impacting the world.

Before creating his coaching practice, Jamie had a distinguished career in military aviation, technology deployment, and strategic consulting. He has led men and women into combat and, today, uses his coaching skills to help veterans powerfully transition to civilian life. Jamie has built consulting verticals into multi-million dollar businesses and was a senior leader in a company that tripled in size and established itself as the gold-standard for professional services in its market.

Jamie has a passion for helping others create themselves as powerful leaders and seeing all facets of their lives as inextricably linked and ripe for profound growth and mastery. He is honored to have worked with the top coaches in the world including Scott Byrd, his coach today.