“Prior to working with ONTOCORE, I was struggling to find direction in my daily work activities. The lack of focus had become a real frustration as I was not living up to my capabilities from a business development standpoint and not achieving the successes of the past.

ONTOCORE has helped me redirect my focus.  My days are better planned with specific activities in mind and the fears that were limiting my business development efforts have largely dissipated.

I would recommend individuals and teams to work with Scott and Brandon. They are very direct and open communicators. They don’t shy away from helping to solve complex behavior issues with individuals and groups looking to break out of a stale routine and create something new and different.”

Director, DB Securities Inc., Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management

“As a leader, I am constantly looking for ways to learn and grow. On my own I was growing, but I recognized that I had an opportunity to grow faster. Through my work with ONTOCORE, I was able to create alignment with who I really wanted to be. I have 10x’d my personal and professional growth with ONTOCORE.”

Chief People Officer, Pluralsight

“In just a few months the organization and my leadership changed unrecognizably into a powerfully focused team. The results from my engagement with Brandon and Scott of ONTOCORE far exceeded my lofty expectations and cracked open my entire life to a new way of being. If you have come to the point of reading this, do not stop. Engage them. The outcome will be incredible.”

CEO of the Zucker Institute for Applied Neurosciences

“My life seemed fine when I was first introduced to ONTOCORE; great career, amazing family, stability all around. It was the incredible experience of ONTOCORE that awakened me to the undeniable feeling that my life – every aspect – was meant to be so much more than I let myself believe.”

Coach and Principal at Atlas Executive Consulting

“When I walked away from my job to do what I felt called to do, I hired Scott Byrd. Power, certainty, clarity and results. Scott challenged me in every way to help me see things I couldn’t see or was unwilling to see because of my own stories and fears.

I 100% endorse and recommend you working with Scott if you want power, certainty and real results. I couldn’t be more grateful and appreciative of the time I spent with this catalyst for transformation coach. If you’re ready to move your life or business forward, and you’re highly committed and willing to do what it takes, work with Scott.

2009 Super Bowl Champion, Coach, Trainer, Speaker

“I could not put my finger on it but I felt like I was simply missing opportunities in my life.  Things were good, but I just knew there should be more.  After committing to working with Scott and Brandon from ONTOCORE, they opened my eyes to what it really means to live in the now.  Everything we work on has helped me gain clarity in all aspects of my life, and I have watched it flow through to those around me.  Now, opportunities not only seem to present themselves to me, I find that I have the power to create them around me daily.”

Vice President — CSS International

“I am a member of a five-person team that has worked together for nearly 15 years. Inefficiencies, inconsistent communication and the tug and pull of different agendas have prevented us from being our best for our clients.

When we began speaking with Scott and Brandon we were skeptical of coaching yet longing to finally take our partnership to a new level of client service, business growth and the day-to-day efficiency of the team. By the conclusion of the first meeting, we already had a sense that ONTOCORE offered a much different experience.

ONTOCORE has helped us redefine mission-critical elements such as “commitment,” “agreements” and “radically honest communication.”  Today, for the first time, my partners and I have a shared vision for our team and our practice.  More importantly, we have a framework that brings this vision to bear in our daily practices.  After all, the future is now.

Whether it is an organization that is approaching a breaking point or a company that just cannot seem to get to that next level, ONTOCORE facilitates real communication that opens up the possibility for powerful and lasting change.”

Vice President, Deutsche Bank Alex. Brown