You were made
for greater.

Many of us live our lives racing, reviewing, and reacting. All on repeat.
Ontocore disrupts this subconscious stagnant. We are an outcomes-driven global performance firm for those who seek a better existence. For those who refuse to settle. For those who know they were made for greater.

Our proven self-leadership model has successfully helped people all over the world become more effective in their own lives. We carefully select clients and only work with individuals who are committed to themselves and their futures.

Principal and Founder


Brandon Craig


Brandon is an insightful thought leader, masterful coach, successful entrepreneur, board of directors member, and an effective leader creator. Many of his clients call him their “secret weapon” and consider him to be their most trusted partner in their personal and professional lives. For more than a decade, Brandon has partnered with some of the world’s most successful leaders and their teams. His passion for helping people create meaningful relationships and powerful ways of being—plus helping their organizations maximize performance—is at the heart of his work at Ontocore. His clientele consists of some of the most accomplished CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs in the world. Brandon is a committed husband to his wife and a devoted father to their five children. When he’s not working, you can find him riding motocross tracks across California and beyond.

Principal and Senior Performance Coach


Marc Manieri


Marc is known for his listening and language mastery, which is why his clients regard him as a committed, trusted ally. Prior to founding a successful individual coaching practice, he managed a startup sales training and coaching company. At Ontocore Marc helps clients achieve remarkable results, including more than doubling top-line revenue, acquiring industry-best human resources, and creating inspiring cultures that increase team member retention. A committed, lifelong learner, Marc has worked with some of the world’s most recognized coaches. Marc is a committed husband to his wife and dedicated father to their two daughters. He and his family enjoy traveling the world to experience new cultures.

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“There has been financial return many times over…but the broader impact is who I’m becoming as a leader in my business, in my family, and church.”

— Dave Olsen, Founder, Nimbl

“It takes energy for you to look at yourself in the way that you’re asked to, but the fruits of it are so amazing and the rigor of it has a payoff that is huge in all aspects of your life…”

— Preston Smith, Founder, Ninja Sauce

“This course gives me access to places in me that I didn’t know were there before. That creates a world of possibility.”

— Stephen Mason, Nurse, Namaste Hospice

“By investing in yourself in this way, you’re investing in upgrading every aspect of your life.”

— Will Humphreys, CEO, In the Black

“I’m moved to have had the opportunity to be a part of this experience. I see so many powerful applications and will carry it forward with me through all walks of my life.”

— Windy Aphayrath, eProcurement and Purchasing Manager, State of Utah

“If you are in a place in [your] life where you want to improve or take the next step and grow as a leader, this is the place you need to be…”

— Jordan Williford, Financial Consultant, Salaison Partners

“To be conscious of who you’re being in any given moment is the most powerful thing… it grants you access to your power, creativity and brilliance and everything is possible from there.”


— Marc Manieri, Senior Performance Coach, Ontocore

You were born to make a difference.

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