Reinvent your way of being.

Embracing Ontocore’s model of leadership has the power to impact every area of your life—starting at the core of your being. As you begin to embody the Ontocore model, others will experience you differently. Relationships will thrive. Creation will take on a new essence. Discover what it means to achieve peak performance and upgrade the experience of living your life.

Corporate Leadership Coaching


Organizations the world over benefit from our deep-seated corporate coaches, which train executive team members on how to exercise leadership as their natural self-expression. By starting with the CEO and the executive team, the Ontocore model of leadership becomes deeply ingrained into the entire organization’s DNA, improving trust, deepening accountability, and heightening performance. This level of leadership cascades throughout the organization, ultimately producing outcomes that are consistent with desired intentions and stakeholder promises—and allowing teams and individuals to powerfully navigate any set of circumstances.


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Ontocore Groups


At-large individual leaders who seek a peer-based coaching experience enroll in our small groups, such as the Ontocore Powerful Leadership Group (OPLG). Weekly calls, in-person training days, and group interactions keep leaders “in the work”—that is, consciously engaged with and invested in their own self-leadership. Ontocore Groups equip leaders with the self-mastery skills necessary to impact their personal and professional lives in powerful ways.


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Personal Leadership Coaching


Entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and other individuals who are committed to themselves and their futures are candidates for our personalized leadership coaching. Ontocore’s one-on-one self-leadership coaching is an intimate, personalized experience for personal growth and transformation. Our personal leadership coaching is not to be compared with any other one-on-one coaching program in the world. Ontocore’s expert coaches masterfully and consistently create powerful leaders using Ontocore’s proven model of leadership.


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Create Powerful


People from all walks of life—business leaders, entrepreneurs, and stay-at-home parents— attend this transformative three-day course. Held twice each year, the Create Powerful Course is an intense live learning environment that invites committed applicants to tap into their true potential, realign their way of being, and experience the power of self-leadership in their relationships and beyond.

Join us at the Create Powerful Course,
September 3rd – 7th, 2024
Laguna Niguel, California.

Digital Training


Ontocore clients and course participants have access to our comprehensive online video library. This digital content and experience-focused training allows those who are committed to themselves and their futures to get “seat time” as they continue on their individual paths of progression as leaders in their own lives.


Never stop progressing—stay in the work with our digital training assets.

“Most of the coaching I had before, if not all of it, didn’t really deal with the core of who was actually doing the work, it would handle the surface. The Ontocore approach actually handles at the absolute core…”

— Reza Koranki, CEO, Arch Technology Solutions

“I’ve read so many books, I’ve been to so many seminars and what I’m learning here is a foundation that will allow me to execute the rest of my life.”

— Nonito Donaire, Professional Boxer, Former World Champion

“The word that comes to me is I’m way more AWAKE to what is going on in my personal and professional life, that’s been the life changing part of it.”

— Greg Cauthen, Partner, TightSeal Insulation

“I feel like the power went from ‘out in the world’ to come home to rest inside of me.”

— Jason Jarvis, CEO, SLATE Restoration

“I’m able to use these concepts in our business, but I’m also able to use them as a mother, as a wife, as a daughter.”

— Erica Jones, Co-founder,

“The Create Powerful Course helped me further re-envision myself, who I am to others and how I can more intentionally and powerfully impact the world around me.”

— Hardt Bing, Vice President, Alex Brown

“The most powerful return on an investment is the useful and meaningful impact of a person’s life.”


— Brandon Craig, Founder & Principal, Ontocore

Be the leader you were meant to be.

Our proven self-leadership model can help you identify your unique purpose—and live it.